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Welcome to I am most famous for creating Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you’re interested in the history of MST3K, Wired magazine recently published an “definitive oral history” of the show as told by the cast and crew.  You can also check here.

Wanted to mention that I’m really looking forward to the launch of OTHER SPACE. Which premiers on April 14 on Yahoo Screen. It was created by my old pal Paul Feig. It also features a really great cast including the brilliant Trace Beaulieu who  plays “Art” the robot. I play  Zallion Fletcher, that’s me, in the dark jump suit holding the robot. I’m the ship’s engineer who, incidentally,  has been exposed to too much radiation.

Parental note: It’s a wee-bit bawdy compared to the  stuff we did on MST3K, however, I still think it’s really funny — it’s just not for kids. I guess  I feel responsible to mention it because people used to bring their kids to the Cinematic Titanic live shows thinking it was MST3K and it made me so uptight.

Other Space on Yahoo Screen, Poster

Full disclosure, I am also the inventor of the “Ventriloquist Mask” – which may be turning out to be the most popular ventriloquist novelty of the last 100 years. It is currently used by thousands of vents worldwide, including superstars like Terry Fator, Ron Lucas and Nina Conti! Now it can be told!

Also, I just concluded 6 years of live touring with the original cast from MST3K in the form of Cinematic Titanic.  It was a great run and so much fun to get back to movie riffing. We performed with 14 different films for over a hundred live shows! My sincere thanks to all the friends and fans that showed up and made the scene.

Here are some of the more interesting interviews I’ve done at, and

My charity of choice is which is an event created by my brother Jim, and which benefits people born with Downs Syndrome in greater Los Angeles. Billed as “A Carnival of the Mind” it’s the largest fundraiser of its kind, and for a shimmering night in Los Angeles every summer it’s the creative center of the universe – please support it if you can.

In February I gave a talk at the “World Innovation Summit” in Silicon Valley with my friend and ideation guru Mark Levy titled “Romance and Engineering: How magicians bring their visions to life” so now that’s a thing.

I also, last year, I gave a course in movie riffing and a nice primer on my class and survey of the state of movie riffing is here in the New York Times.

 I appear with my old buddy Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.”I feel it’s a pretty good portrait of what it’s really like when we get together, except, I usually don’t drink coffee.

I am currently voicing the character of “Mayor Bill Dewey”  in Rebecca Sugar’s beautiful new cartoon on Cartoon Network “Steven Universe”. Check the Cartoon Network website to find out more.

I am also the “creative lead for media” for an aerospace company, called – I kid you not.

Recently, the Cannae Drive has been in the news a bunch as NASA has just published acknowledgement that the engine created thrust in the laboratory!  A couple of the many articles are here; &

Also, too, I started touring with my first “one man show” titled “Riffing Myself” which is basically the creation story of MST3K –check below for appearances, I may be coming to a town near you!

Rave on!


Upcoming Appearances

  • September 18 and 19 - Mystery Science Theater 3000 Weekend
    Greenwich Odeum Greenwich Rhode Island.
    September 18 – Screening of two MST3K
    September 19 – Riffing Myself, Shorts and Q and A
  • September 24 – 26 - Salt Lake Comi Con 2015
    With Trace Beaulieu, Bill Corbet, and Frank Conniff
  • Sept 29th - Nerds and Music with Paul and Storm and Pat Rothfuss
    World Cafe Live
    3025 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA, USA 19104
  • Sept 30th - Nerds and Music with Paul and Storm and Pat Rothfuss
    The Birchmere
    3701 Mt. Vernon Avenue
    Alexandria, VA, USA 22305
  • October 1 - Nerds and Music with Paul and Storm and Pat Rothfuss
    8:00 pm, The Bell House
    149 7th Street Brooklyn
    NY, USA 11215
  • October 2 - Nerds and Music with Paul and Storm and Pat Rothfuss
    Thunder Road
    379 Somerville Ave
    Somerville, MA, USA 02143
  • October 10th - Festival Supreme – an epic festival of music and comedy with Trace Beaulieu and Josh Weinstein
    Riffing in the original three man line-up!
    Shrine Expo hall and grounds Los Angeles, CA

To book me, contact Heroes for Hire.